Spade Oak Sangria

Other Red from New Zealand - Gisborn
Review Date : 20-Feb-2013
Being a wine-based beverage rather than wine, I have not rated or scored the Spade Oak Sangria. This is Eileen and Steve Voysey's interpretation of sangria, the wine and fruit-based punch popular in Spain and the Mediterranean.  It is based on Tempranillo from home vineyard with a little Syrah in the blend. The rest is made up of local Gisborne cider, organic orange, lemon and grape juices. This is akin to a spritzig rosé crossed with a deliciously dry fruit cooler. With the appearance of raspberry cordial, it has a vinous aroma of refreshingly cool red fruits. Raspberries and red currants are apparent. Surprisingly dry, subtle red fruit flavours seamlessly flow, mixed with a hint of citrus and apple. There are no confectionary flavours at all. The acidity is the feature, and the palate is juicy and mouthwatering with a hint of sourness to provide quenchability. Some spritz tingle on the tongue shows, and the alcohol is hardly detectable. This is very easy to enjoy. Click here to see my 'Blog' article for more information.  Not Scored or Rated  Feb 2013  RRP $16.95 Disclaimer: This wine-based beverage is distributed by ‘Wine2Trade', the company under which ‘Raymond Chan Wine Reviews' operates.

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