Yealands 2014 P.G.R. Aromatic Blends

The blended aromatic wines combining Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Gris have had a strong following for decades as field blends in Alsace. The concept for most of these wines is to express the vineyard in its entirety as it is planted, as is the case in many sites in the region, by incorporating the varieties as established in them. Other wines are blended to achieve a total greater than the sum of the parts, capturing and balancing the strength of each variety. Then there are wines made up of what’s left over! The best new world versions take the middle path, and Yealands Estate in the Awatere Valley, Marlborough has released theirs as ‘P.G.R. Aromatic Blends’. The wines are designed to possess the unctuousness of Pinot Gris, the exotics of Gewurztraminer, and the clarity and freshness of Riesling. Yealands launched their first ‘P.G.R’ wines from the 2013 vintage in the U.K. last year and they were received very favourably. Here are my reviews of the 2014 wines.


  • Peter Yealands ‘P.G.R.’ Marlborough 2014
  • Yealands Estate ‘P.G.R.’ ‘Single Vineyard’ Awatere Valley Marlborough 2014

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