Woollaston 2014 Pinot Rosé and 2013 Mahana Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc

The recent releases at Woollaston Estates have taken a significant step up in interest as the vines have come into balance with their organic and biodynamic management and the work of winemaker Shane Munn who has been energetic in guiding the wines to styles that not only reflect the soils and sites from which they come, but in directions which show the varieties to their best. The interplay of fruit purity and expression, the incorporation of complexities and the judicious amount of textures are all part of what Shane has worked with. The progressive ‘Mahana’ wines are strong statements of the intent, whereas the Woollaston are a little more conservative in this approach. I’ve discussed with Shane the semantic description of ‘second tier’ of the ‘Tussock’ wines, Shane seeing these as of high quality fruit, but stylistically not what has gone into the other tiers.

With this review of three wines comes the news that Shane Munn is departing at the end of this year to work in the Okanagan Valley, British Colombia in Canada. Shane tells me he and the owners of Woollaston are very keen to not lose the traction gained over the last few years and that they will be seeking a replacement to continue in the same vein as Shane has. Here, I review the new 2014 Woollaston Pinot Rosé, the 2013 ‘Mahana’ Riesling which I have already rated highly, in a review in March earlier this year, and the 2013 ‘Mahana’ Sauvignon Blanc, which trials skin contact, samples of which I saw in barrel during a visit in February this year (click here to read my report). www.woollaston.co.nz


  • Woollaston Nelson Pinot Noir Rosé 2014
  • Woollaston ‘Mahana’ Nelson Riesling 2013
  • Woollaston ‘Mahana’ Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2013

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