Wise Owl Wines

Now for a bit of fun! I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit serious about wine, and I love the geeky things about the vineyard and winery, as well as delving into the philosophy behind labels and what winemakers do. But I realise that not everyone is like me, and that wine really is about enjoyment and fun as well. That’s where the new ‘Wise Owl Wine’ range produced by Villa Maria comes in. No-one can doubt Villa Maria’s seriousness and success with all of its wines, but even the winemaking and marketing team can have a little play. The ‘Wise Owl’ wines fulfil a space in FMCG and other sectors, protecting the integrity of the premier brands from the ravages of discounting. The value and affordable price pointing allows healthy activity in the lower and very important end of the market. And the labelling and associated marketing is clearly aimed at consumers with different perspectives and priorities from those of the more involved wine lover. Villa Maria’s brand developer Emily Camblin says "the colourful labels and whimsical names aim to capture the attention of Kiwis who love to drink wine and are willing to experiment when it comes to their wine choice”.

However, they may appeal to a wider audience. Already the ‘Parliament’ Pinot Gris has been awarded a trophy in a wine show, showing there is quality in the bottle. And being a fan of puns, I like the labelling, and would be drawn into the wines on that point alone. For those with a competitive bent, Wise Owl Wines are offering drinkers the chance of winning $5,000, by guessing the varietal blend or make-up of the "Hooting White’. This consumer promotion highlights the growing awareness and popularity of blended white wines as alternatives to strictly varietal bottlings, a trend especially apparent in Australia. For the competition, there are 6 choices to choose from, and it runs until 30 July 2014. I’ve had a go, but I won’t reveal my choice, as it may be completely wrong! Go to the website for more details. Here, I review the new releases. www.wiseowlwine.co.nz


  • Wise Owl ‘Swooping’ Sauvignon Blanc 2013
  • Wise Owl ‘Parliament’ Pinot Gris 2014
  • Wise Owl ‘Hooting White’ 2013
  • Wise Owl ‘Ruffled’ Merlot 2013

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