Waimea Estates Diverse 2011 Reds


One can argue that a vineyard and winery should specialise in one or only a small number of wines or styles. That way, their expertise grows as the energy and focus is directed to a singular cause and not distracted, and the wine producer becomes a specialist in that wine, knowing how the make the highest quality. Another school of thought is that being able to make a wide, divergent range of wines, all to the highest level, is possible, and it shows a greater skill set across the board. There are certainly merits to both approaches, but Waimea Estates has taken the latter path, and done so extremely well. Winemaker Trudy Sheild has crafted an enormously varied range of wines to an enviable level, and these three 2011 vintage reds reviewed here demonstrate her work. www.waimeabrands.com


  • Waimea Estates Nelson Pinot Noir 2011
  • Waimea Estates Nelson Dolcetto 2011
  • Waimea Estates Nelson Syrah 2011

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