Vynfields Pinot Noir 2011 Revisited


I get the opportunity of tasting wines from my partner Sue Davies' ‘Wine2Trade' portfolio (click here to see) several times during their commercial life. All wines change with time in the bottle, quite often subtly. But others improve or mature more rapidly than expected. More often than not, the score that I gave the wine on first showing should be changed when I see the wine again. There are, of course, certain wines and lines that develop with a consistency, and the Vynfields ‘Estate' Pinot Noir from Martinborough is one such wine. Invariably, I see the wine on initial release, when it is tight, taut and hinting at what might be. I never ceased to be pleased by how well it changes in the bottle. It has subtly come together and is now stylish and seamless, the fruit and structure in beautiful balance. The quality of the wine is based on the organic and biodynamic growing regime and the low cropping at 40 hl/ha, which is near the limits for grand cru burgundy. Here is my review based on a re-look at the wine another three months down the line. www.vynfields.com


  • Vynfields Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011

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