Vynfields Martinborough ‘Mad Rooster’ 2010


The ‘Mad Red' variety as grown in Martinborough remains a mystery. Thought to be Syrah when introduced to the district, it has been proven to be otherwise. What it is has not been pinned down, the current thought being it is a hybrid cross of sorts. A number of wineries include it in their red blends, seeing an individual savoury spiciness which adds interest. The only commercial bottling of the ‘Mad Red' as a 100% varietal wine is by Vynfields who call it ‘Mad Rooster' after the Frenchman who was responsible for its dissemination. John Bell and Kaye McAulay only have five rows of it, planted on the northern side of the vineyard and it is grown organically. The wine has a loyal following. www.vynfields.co.nz

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