Vynfields ‘Mad Rooster’ 2014

Harry and Zinder Guo, the owners of Vynfields are Pinot Noir lovers, but they have embraced the uniqueness of the ‘Mad Rooster’ wine in their range. Made from the ‘Mad Red’ or ‘Mystery Grape’ of Martinborough, it was introduced to the district by a Frenchman claiming it to be Syrah. Genetic testing has shown this not to be the case, and its identity and provenance remains a mystery. The Frenchman earned the nickname of ‘Mad Rooster’ and this is what former owners of Vynfields John Bell and Kaye McAulay named the wine, from five rows planted on the northern side of the vineyard. Vynfields are the only producer to bottle it as a straight varietal. Over the years, winemaker Marion Deimling has made the wine in different styles, recently taming down the rusticity, in tune with lighter vintages. In 2014, we see a return to the wild, sweetly mouthfilling and robust style, which the Guos see as being popular in the Asian market where an increasing proportion of the wines are being sold. To assist in that market, the wine is now sealed with natural cork. www.vynfields.com


  • Vynfields ‘Mad Rooster’ Martinborough 2014

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