Vynfields ‘Bliss’ Sparkling Riesling 2015

It seems unlikely, but one of the most popular wines made by Vynfields is their ‘Bliss’ Sparkling Riesling. When John Bell and Kaye McAulay first devised plans for its production, most of their friends were sceptical of its success. But it has quickly grown to be one of Vynfields’ most popular wines. Anyone attending ‘Toast Martinborough’ can attest to how well it is received. The key to the wine is its uncomplicated nature and gentle sweetness. If you try to judge it as a method traditionnelle or Champagne, it just doesn’t fit. If there’s any one style it reminds one of, it’s Prosecco, which is one of the world’s faster growing sparkling categories. The new owners of Vynfields, Harry and Zinder Guo have also found it very popular in the Chinese market. Here, I review the latest release, the 2015, picked a little earlier to enhance freshness. This has beautiful fruit clarity and is the best ‘Bliss’ yet. www.vynfields.com 


  • Vynfields ‘Bliss’ Martinborough Organic Sparkling Riesling 2015

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