Villa Maria Stars with 2010 Syrah

I've always been an admirer of how Villa Maria continually raises the bar with all of its wines. The proof of their success is in the growing dominance in wine shows. I despair at how the wine consuming public do not take this situation on board, but allow their perceptions of ‘style' and ‘interest' become expressions of snobbery. Many see the presence of Villa Maria wines in supermarkets, often discounted, as representing ‘commonness' and perceive them being ordinary. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact when Villa Maria wines are offered in this scenario, they possibly are the best buys in the shop!
Chardonnay has been the latest success story for Villa Maria, the ‘Single Vineyard Keltern' 2010 winning an unprecedented four ‘Champion Wine of the Show' trophies this year. Flying under the radar recently has been their Syrah wines, the Pinot Noir and Bordeaux varietals seeming to garner more attention. On closer inspection, Syrah is consistently successful for Villa Maria and its sister Vidal and Esk Valley companies. The Gimblett Gravels fruit source just gets better with vine age. The Villa Maria ‘Cellar Selection' 2010 took gold at the 2011 ANZWA, and I review this wine with its more prestigious sibling ‘Reserve' Syrah 2010, about to be released. www.villamaria.co.nz

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