Vidal ‘Reserve’ 2013 Gimblett Gravels Merlot Cabernet and Syrah

Recent years have seen the Vidal label grow in stature; it is no long second fiddle to Villa Maria. Much of this is due to the viticultural and winemaking team work of the overall Villa Maria Estate group, but no doubt, significant credit can be given to Vidal winemaker Hugh Crichton for his vision on style and the decisions in fruit selection and blending. As with all of the Villa Maria Estate group wines, it is the ‘middle tier’ that offers the best quality to price ratio. The Vidal ‘Reserve’ wines have the super-premium ‘Legacy’ tier traits of concentration, richness, texture and restraint, but at a much lower price. It’s not hard to figure out why: the ‘Reserve’ wines are also sourced from the Gimblett Gravels, and made by the same team. They have the added benefit of being able to be enjoyed straight away, but they also have the ability to age. Here, I review the 2013 ‘Reserve’ Gimblett Gravels Merlot/Cabernet and Syrah, wines of the highest quality, but at an accessible price. The wines come from the outstanding 2013 vintage, another factor in their style and quality. I find them refined in tannins, lifted in fruit and spiced by oak.


  • Vidal ‘Reserve’ Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Vidal ‘Reserve’ Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2013

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