Two Rivers ‘Isle of Beauty’ Marlborough Rosé 2018


Dave Clouston was inspired to make his rosé from his winemaking OE time on the French Island of Corsica, which is named ‘Isle of Beauty’. From the start, Dave’s ‘L’Ille de Beauté’ was successful, emulating the pale, dry style, which captured plenty of fruit intensity without compromising the tautness that makes the Southern French rosé wines so appealing. Dave has employed Pinot Noir fruit exclusively in the past. Last year, he re-named the wine ‘Isle of Beauty’ to help consumers in pronouncing the label. This year, he has used a mix of varieties, with Pinot Noir supported by Syrah, Viognier, Pinot Gris, Riesling and Roussanne. This is a technique used in Southern France, resulting from the mixed plantings which can enhance the range of flavours and detail while improving palate completeness. I review the 2018 ‘Isle of Beauty’ here. www.tworivers.co.nz


  • Two Rivers ‘Isle of Beauty’ Marlborough Rosé 2018

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