Trinity Hill – Expanding the Hawke’s Bay Envelope

John Hancock has been there before. He made the first serious modern Hawke's Bay Chardonnays when at Morton Estate in the 1980s, and he has continued making all the classical Hawke's Bay varieties with Warren Gibson by his side at Trinity Hill. While fully accomplished with these traditional styles, John and Warren have pushed the limits with interpretation of these with their current wines, and have endorsed the exciting Viognier and Syrah and now the less frequently seen and accepted varieties from Italy, Spain and Portugal. A selection of new and current wines is an excellent indicator of how successful they have been at expanding the Hawke's Bay and Gimblett Gravels envelope. From these wines reviewed, it can be seen the 2009 vintage, as with 2007 and 2005 is extremely successful for the Bordeaux varietals, and Syrah seems to have performed particularly well in 2010, as in 2008 and 2006, which are slightly cooler years. www.trinityhill.com

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