Tongue in Groove 2015 Waipara ‘Little Stomper’ and Chardonnay

The Waipara Valley ‘Tongue in Groove’ wine brand released its first wines from the 2011 vintage, but the impact on the enthusiast market has been very strong. The six partners behind the label, Angela Clifford, marketing specialist, her husband Nick Gill, the viticulturist at Greystone, Lynnette Hudson extraordinaire, chef Carolyn Reid, businessman Charles Reid, and silent anonymous associate constitute considerable expertise and experience, so success was a very highly outcome. The Tongue in Groove wines have been made from highly regarded North Canterbury vineyards, and included Pinot Noir fruit from the famous ‘Clayvin’ site in Marlborough. The latest developments have been a foray into the orange wine category, which is an indication of the cutting edge position the partners wish to be seen at.

There’s a great deal of care required in making orange and skin contact wines in achieving the balance of flavour, fruit, textures and complexities to please the palate, whilst avoiding too funky or even faulty characters. The goalposts are changing on what are regarded as faults, so reviewers, tasters and consumers must approach orange wines with more leeway, and with a positive frame of mind Here, I review the 2015 ‘Little Stomper’, an orange wine, and the more conventional Chardonnay.


  • Tongue in Groove ‘Little Stomper’ Waipara Valley 2015
  • Tongue in Groove Waipara Valley Chardonnay 2015

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