The Boneline 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and ‘Iridium’

The Waipara family partnership Tutton Sienko & Hill have embarked on a new path to reflect their vines, vineyards and site in a way that connects with the market around them. Known for their European-focussed and styled ‘Waipara West’ wines, they have introduced ‘The Boneline’ label for Australasian and New World consumers, to complement their sales to the traditional markets. The name refers to the nearby K-T Boundary line that is evidence of the global catastrophe of an asteroid impact on the earth defines the end of the Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Each of the wines’ striking labels features fossils discovered in the Waipara River dating back as far as 65 million years. The labels thus bear a tangible connection with the land on which the fruit is grown, the 25 y.o. vines and the partnership’s growing experience. Allied to the new label is the involvement of Jeff Sinnott running the wine programme, and the 2013 wines see the result of his overseeing the vintage from the very start. Jeff has been assisted by Sean Houghton, the Tutton Sienko & Hill’s ‘man on the spot’. Here, I review the new releases, the 2013 ‘Riverbone’ Sauvignon Blanc and ‘Hellblock’ Riesling, and the ‘Iridium’, a Bordeaux-varietal blend.


  • The Boneline ‘Riverbone’ Waipara Sauvignon Blanc 2013
  • The Boneline ‘Hellblock’ Waipara Riesling 2013
  • The Boneline ‘Iridium’ Waipara 2013

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