TerraVin Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Releases

The philosophy of recognising and expressing vineyard signature is coming to the fore at TerraVin. The ‘TerraVin Hillside Vineyard’ (THV), also known as the ‘Calrossie’ vineyard, along with the ‘Eaton Family Vineyard’ and ‘Cowley Family Vineyard’ all have their individual personalities, and have contributed towards wines that not only have had characteristics that merited bottling on their own, but also in blends. Winemaker Gordon Ritchie is continuing his evolution of these hillside sites and their expression in especially in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir with the TerraVin brand. During a recent visit, he explained his perceptions. (Click here to see my article on his visit.) I offer a recap of some of the points following.

As the THV site grows in maturity, the vineyard expression has become clearer, and he sees more of the TerraVin wines being based on the fruit from there. The Sauvignon Blanc and to a lesser extent Chardonnay from the Cowley vineyards still remain essential to the TerraVin wines, but ordon feels he can forego the Pinot Noir, despite its high quality, with THV fruit coming on stream. The Eaton site has yielded wine up to and including 2013, but fruit from that site will no longer be used. It is a fascinating to observe the transformation at TerraVin, but with Gordon Ritchie overseeing the process, very high quality and site expressive wines can be guaranteed. Here, I review a selection of soon-to-be released wines which are part of the evolution of the TerraVin brand and style. www.terravin.co.nz


  • TerraVin Marlborough Chardonnay 2013
  • TerraVin ‘Hillside Reserve’ Marlborough Chardonnay 2013
  • TerraVin ‘Te Ahu’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • TerraVin Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012
  • TerraVin ‘Eaton Family Vineyard’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011
  • TerraVin ‘J’ Marlborough 2011
  • TerraVin Marlborough Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2013

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