Terrace Edge ‘Liquid Geography’ Waipara Riesling 2014

The name ‘Liquid Geography’ conveys so much to the wine enthusiast, as it infers the wine has captured the essence of the site where the fruit originates, so that drinkers can enjoy and possibly identify the characteristics. We know that mineral uptake by the vine into the wine doesn’t actually occur, yet the most respected and professional tasters and experts can often tell the type of soil and the growing conditions of the fruit from the taste. This is, of course, a definition of terroir, and the truth will be revealed one day!

Meanwhile, the medium styled Riesling of the Chapman family’s Terrace Edge Waipara Valley vineyard, labelled ‘Liquid Geography’ continues to grow in popularity. There may be the beginnings of a cult wine here. 2014 was a challenging vintage in the district, and varieties, such as Syrah did not perform as well as usual. However Pete Chapman states that the Riesling got through the rain successfully and developed beautiful botrytis. He thinks the 2014 ‘Liquid Geography’ Riesling may be the best wine of the vintage for them. Here is my review. www.terraceedge.co.nz


  • Terrace Edge ‘Liquid Geography’ Waipara Valley Riesling 2014

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