Terrace Edge 2016 Pinot Gris and ‘Liquid Geography’ Riesling

The two ‘hot’ white wines for Terrace Edge in the Waipara Valley are the Pinot Gris and the ‘Liquid Geography’ Riesling. The growth of popularity of Pinot Gris in New Zealand is very understandable as the wine is less overt and acidic than Sauvignon Blanc, and much more accessible than complex, strongly oak-influenced Chardonnay. But the medium-sweet ‘Liquid Geography’ goes against the grain, as off-dry and medium-dry Riesling appears to be the favoured style for this variety. Both of the Terrace Edge wines carry sweetness, so maybe we are overestimating the call of the consumer for drier wines, and underestimating the seducing power of sugar! In the final analysis, it is the depth of flavour these two wines have delivered consistently that is a major part of their success. The Chapman family work very hard in the vineyard to grow the most flavoursome and healthiest fruit. And winemaker Gavin Tait at the Muddy Water facility preserves the work of the Chapmans in vinifying the wines.

Terrace Edge will be releasing the 2016 Pinot Gris and ‘Liquid Geography’ Riesling early next year, sooner than planned, as the demand for the wines has increased, this exacerbated by the lower crops in 2015. Pete Chapman reports the growing season for the 2016 vintage was one of extreme dryness. Some rain in January relieved pressures and was perfect for vine health. Autumn was warm and dry, but cooler temperatures then slowed the ripening, which resulted in extended hang time for the fruit which had thick skins and was in outstanding condition. I was at Terrace Edge in May and saw the Riesling for ‘Liquid Geography’ still on vine, the Chapmans wanting some rain and a little botrytis. While there, a rain shower came through, just as they had wished! Here, I review the 2016 Pinot Gris and ‘Liquid Geography’ Riesling. www.terraceedge.co.nz


  • Terrace Edge Waipara Valley Pinot Gris 2016
  • Terrace Edge ‘Liquid Geography’ Waipara Valley Riesling 2016

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