Terrace Edge 2011 Classic and Late Picked Rieslings


It is fascinating to see if there is any change in the end wine when one winemaker hands over to another. How much does a winemaker put their stamp or personality on a wine in making it? How consistent is the vineyard in its expression of terroir? Of course different varieties are more malleable for the winemaker, such as Chardonnay. Some varieties are less robust to such management, and their delicacy allows clearer expression of the land, as with Riesling and Pinot Noir. This is the situation that can be explored with Terrace Edge ‘Classic' Riesling. Up to 2010, the talented Belinda Gould of Muddy Water made the Chapman family's Terrace Edge wines. From 2011, the equally talented Dom Maxwell of Greystone (who acquired Muddy Water) took over the winemaking role. My impression at this early stage is that both winemakers took a similar approach in respecting the Riesling fruit style from the Terrace Edge vineyard, and the 2011s continue in a very similar vein as the 2010s and earlier releases. It's either that, or the vineyard has a very strong say in how the resultant wine turns out! For me, the 2011 has the same weight and fruit presence as ever.

Pete Chapman has long expressed a wish to diversify the styles of Riesling made from the family vineyard. In 2011, the opportunity presented itself where two other variants could be produced. I've already reviewed the ‘Liquid Geography' Riesling 2011 (click here to see) made in a sweeter style than the ‘Classic', with 30 g/L rs and some botrytis influence. A ‘Late-Picked' Riesling takes the richness level further, incorporating more botrytised material, with the wine in a sweeter style. Here is my review of the ‘Classic' Riesling 2011 and the ‘Late-Picked' Riesling. www.terraceedge.co.nz


  • Terrace Edge Waipara Valley Late-Picked Riesling 2011

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