Te Mania & Richmond Plains 2012 & 2011 Releases

I've been very pleased with the continued progress that the Te Mania and Richmond Plains wines are making. Though two different labels, owners Jon Harrey and Lars Jensen have a very close relationship, such that they share winemaking and cellar door facilities, and share Steve Gill as their winemaker. Lars has a particular responsibility for marketing, but the Harrey and Jensen families get along exceptionally well and are enjoying the growth and commercial successes together. I look forward to each release, and see as the vineyards gain in maturity and Steve Gill growing in confidence in interpreting the fruit, the wines seem more harmonious and at ease.
The issue of wines suitable for vegans and vegetarians has made the press recently. John and Lars point out they have made vegan and vegetarian wines for some time. Their primary goal is to make the best possible wines from their grapes within their budget, and follow the rules of the U.K.-based Vegan Society, generally making no additions resulting in vegan status wines. If egg whites are used, by more common definitions, the wine is suitable for vegetarians and is stated so. If isinglass is used, then the wine is neither vegan nor vegetarian, and such status is not declared. These practices fit well with the organic and biodynamic regimes they already employ and add another point of difference for Te Mania and Richmond Plains. www.temaniawines.co.nz  www.richmondplains.co.nz Here are my reviews of the latest 2012 and 2011 vintage releases.


  • Te Mania Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Te Mania Nelson Pinot Noir Rosé 2012
  • Te Mania Nelson Pinot Noir 2010
  • Te Mania Nelson Syrah 2011
  • Richmond Plains Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Richmond Plains Nelson Chardonnay 2011
  • Richmond Plains Nelson Pinot Noir 2011

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