Te Awanga ‘Strawberry Blonde’ Rosé 2015 – Second Blend

There’s a certain amount of tinkering that all very good winemakers like to do to improve the breed. The 2015 vintage of the Te Awanga Estate ‘Strawberry Blonde’ was made lighter than the previous vintage to meet the increasing demand for more elegant and subtle rosé wines. Once a wine is made, there aren’t too many opportunities to have another go and do something different that might have improved the wine. The second blend and bottling of Rod McDonald’s Te Awange Estate ‘Strawberry Blonde’ is that other chance. Here’ he’s used a little Syrah in addition to the base Merlot, included some fruit from outside the ‘Te Awanga’ vineyard and fermented it to a lighter 12.5% alc. This is how you can distinguish the two blends. Here’s my review of the second blend. www.rmwines.co.nz


  • Te Awanga Estate ‘Strawberry Blonde’ Hawke’s Bay Rosé 2015

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