Te Awa and Left Field – Chardonnay and Syrah Pairings

With the arrival of Ant Mackenzie at Te Awa and his full supervision of the vineyard and winemaking, greater clarity, focus and purpose can be seen in the resultant wines. I felt the changes were demonstrated by the Kidnapper Cliffs 2009 wines with the extra edge of ripeness and finesse. The trickle-down effect can also be seen in the Te Awa and Left Field wines too. With the latter two ranges, Ant has made a distinct differentiation with the styles, the Te Awa more traditional and structured to unfold greater interest in bottle, and the Left Field more expressive of the grape and ‘naturalness'. The 2009s showed a step in that direction, and the 2010s are even more apparent in their definition of style. My notes of the Left Field and Te Awa Sauvignon Blanc and Bordeaux-varietal wines reflect this (click here to view). Here, the Chardonnay and Syrah wines under the Left Field and Te Awa labels are reviewed. www.teawa.com

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