Summerhouse captures the best bits of summer in every glass of Summerhouse.

"If we had our way, we’d make it summer every day.

Sun-kissed skin, salty air, long days relaxing on the beach... summertime in Marlborough is when we come alive. But while we’re having fun in the sun with our friends, our vines are working hard on our vineyards just over the hill.

Overlooking the ocean in dry and windswept Blind River, we grow our grapes in one of the harshest environments in Marlborough. But this is far from a disadvantage. In fact, our grapes love it.

We enjoy the region’s long sunshine hours, and our wines are bursting with that fruit-forward character Marlborough is known for. But because we’re closer to the coast than most, the brisk ocean breeze keeps things cooler and drier. So our grapes are gifted a little more time to soak up that summertime goodness.

This longer ripening period allows us to craft award-winning wines full of distinct flavours and intense aromas. But when we’re with friends enjoying life’s simple pleasures, we prefer to say we make delicious wines that remind you of the best bits of summer.

So when the seasons change and the nights draw in, you can take some time, carve out space, pour yourself a Summerhouse moment and simply escape."



  • Summerhouse Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Marlborough

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