Spy Valley Envoy 2014 Dry Riesling and 2015 Gewurztraminer, and 2014 Iced Sauvignon

Spy Valley is one of those producers that make absolutely correct wines that capture the palates of the ‘general’ wine consumer. But as the tastes of the ‘general’ wine consumer become more sophisticated, the core range of wines must also incorporate more interest, detail and complexity. As with a good number of other companies, Spy Valley has a range to allow for more adventurous wine styles. The ‘Envoy’ range carries the message of things to come. Winemaker Paul Bourgeois has been allowing these wines become more complex, either through "doing nothing and being lazy”, or incorporating greater winemaker ‘inputs’. For the keen wine enthusiast, the taste of what is going on in the ‘Envoy’ range is extremely fascinating, but for the ‘general’ consumer can be mis-understood or not even enjoyed. However, you can be sure that what is being learned in the ‘Envoy’ wines is being used, albeit it in a very sensitive level, in the more commercial or accessible Spy Valley wines. Here, I review two ‘Envoy’ wines, made with funkiness in mind, and the Iced Sauvignon Blanc showing a unique character. Has Paul Bourgeois gone too far with the wines, especially the ‘Envoy’ bottlings? www.spyvalleywine.co.nz


  • Spy Valley ‘Envoy’ ‘Johnson Vineyard’ Waihopi Valley Dry Riesling 2014
  • Spy Valley Marlborough Iced Sauvignon Blanc 2014

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