Spade Oak ‘Heart of Gold’ Gisborne St Laurent 2012

The St Laurent variety has a foothold in New Zealand with tiny plantings in Gisborne at Spade Oak, on the Kapiti Coast with Ohau Gravels, Marlborough with John Forrest and Central Otago with Judge Rock. A number of other winegrowers have also established the variety now. Paul Jacobsen in Alexandra has the most experience with St Laurent in this country, and has seen it perform well over varying growing seasons and vintages. Steve Voysey in Gisborne also has several vintages under his belt now, and is also very pleased with its performance and the different style of wine it offers to Pinot Noir, the bottlings showing more spice and savoury character.

Will St Laurent take off in New Zealand? It is often seen as an emerging variety, alongside its Austrian white companion Gruner Veltliner, which has seen considerable interest and growth. My feeling is that it may be a better prospect, as it appears to bridge the stylistic gap between Pinot Noir and Syrah, though possessing a little more rusticity. Here, I review the new Spade Oak ‘Heart of Gold’ Gisborne St Laurent 2012, from a cool and wet vintage, made with a Burgundy model in mind. Steve Voysey states that it was the most challenging vintage of his career to date. If it can deliver in such growing conditions, then it should be a promising variety to pursue in New Zealand.


  • Spade Oak ‘Heart of Gold’ Gisborne St Laurent 2012

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