Spade Oak 2016 ‘Voysey’ Sauvignon, and ‘Heart of Gold’ Albarino and Rosé

The Spade Oak wines of Steve and Eileen Voysey are more than a little different from mainstream. Based in Gisborne, the Voyseys are part of the scene that is enthusiastic in trialling new varieties and styles. The region has needed to re-invent itself after the model of contract grape growing for the industry’s largest players ceased a few years ago. The Riversun nursery has enabled much of the innovation with new clonal and rootstock material. However it takes imagination and courage to put new ideas into practice. As one of the country’s most experienced winegrowers and winemakers, Steve Voysey took the risk when he established his family’s ‘Spade Oak’ label, with a selection of new and innovative varieties. But Steve is a classical winemaker, forever trying new blends and techniques to make the ideal wines for varied scenarios of consumption. Here, I review three 2016 vintage wines which demonstrate the Spade Oak difference. Steve reports that in 2016 in Gisborne, the fruit achieved physiological ripeness without high brix levels, but the picking was dictated by the acid levels which began dropping before the sugar accumulated. The resulting wines are "good” and he is pleased with them.


  • Spade Oak ‘Voysey’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Spade Oak ‘Heart of Gold’ Gisborne Albarino 2016
  • Spade Oak ‘Heart of Gold’ Gisborne Rosé 2016

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