SOHO ‘Betty’ Riesling Spatlese 2016

The current trending to lower alcohol wines is something to be taken seriously if market analysts are correct. It appears a growing number of wine drinkers are becoming increasingly aware and possibly concerned about the intake of higher amounts of alcohol, and the effects on life and lifestyle. The research and development with Sauvignon Blanc in lower alcohol bottlings is commendable, as the variety is our largest grown. The problem is how to attain ripe and pleasant flavours with balanced sugars and acids. Lower alcohol Pinot Gris is appearing on shelves, and while under-ripeness of flavour is less on an issue, lack of flavour is.

The answer to the lower-alcohol wine supply has always been with us, in Riesling. The Germans are masters of the style, and we in New Zealand have no problem making naturally lower alcohol Rieslings with balanced acidity and sweetness. Riesling and sweetness are partners, and such wines deliver delicious flavours, and can age pretty well. The style of the wines goes exceptionally well with our cuisine that has ‘Fusion’ as a feature. Rachael Carter’s SOHO brand has had great success with the style under the ‘Betty’ label, which is part of her ‘Generation Y Collection’, designed to service the on-premise market. Here, I review the new 2016 SOHO ‘Betty’ Riesling, called a ‘Spatlese’ in the classic German style. The wine is made by Dave Clouston, SOHO’a Marlborough winemaker. www.sohowineco.com


  • SOHO ‘Betty’ Marlborough Riesling Spatlese 2016

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