SOHO 2017 White and Black Marlborough, and 2017 and 2016 Black Waiheke Collection Wines

The SOHO wines of Rachael Carter are continuing to grow in market presence. This is partly due to the tireless and upbeat marketing and sales work of the SOHO team, as well as a clear definition of style and quality. The ‘White Collection’ wines are more accessible, whereas the ‘Black Collection’ wines are more sophisticated and capable of showing greater interest and complexity. SOHO’s three winemakers are specialists in each region: James Rowan in Waiheke Island, Dave Clouston in Marlborough and Grant Taylor in Central Otago. They are responsible for the wines and their representation of variety, style and regionality. The latest releases show a continued confidence of the winemakers in the vineyards and the fruit. Here, I review a selection of the new 2017 ‘White’ and ‘Black Collection’ Marlborough releases made by Dave Clouston, and three ‘Black Collection’ releases from 2017 and 2016 from Waiheke Island made by James Rowan. The two winemakers have done very well considering that the wines come from challenging vintages. www.sohowineco.com


  • SOHO ‘White Collection’ Marlborough Rosé 2017
  • SOHO ‘White Collection’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • SOHO ‘White Collection’ Marlborough Pinot Gris 2017
  • SOHO ‘Stella’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • SOHO ‘Jagger’ Marlborough Pinot Gris 2017
  • SOHO ‘Westwood’ Waiheke Island Rosé 2017
  • SOHO ‘Revolver’ Waiheke Island Merlot/Malbec/Cabernet Franc 2016
  • SOHO ‘Valentina’ Waiheke Island Syrah 2016

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