Sileni Estates ‘Measure & Guess’ 2017 Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir

Sileni Estates has over the years released innovatively packaged wines. The latest in this line is the ‘Measure & Guess’ range, "created with the demanding millennial wine enthusiast in mind”, quoting Sileni Estate’s press release. The range, consisting of 2017 Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir is designed "to stir up curiosity”. Also in the range is the ‘Vine Hopper’, a beverage that combines an IPA with Sauvignon Blanc, this made "using the process of measuring science with a crafted guess”. Not being a millennial, I’m a little lost on the motives and aims for this range, and I suspect the wines are made by ’measuring science’ methods rather than a ‘guess’, knowing the production team at Sileni Estates! The story of ‘Measure & Guess” is that the wines and beer-wine beverage represent "life’s constant struggle. Like balancing a career with wanting to spontaneously escape with friends for a weekend away”. I suppose, I don’t quite get it as I’m too old! However, notable is the packaging and labelling, designed by ‘FONT’, a Havelock North design agency, which is bold and black 9or white) with golden font and intriguing, near-mystical images. My job is to review the wines objectively, and I do so here. www.sileni.co.nz

Mitchell Tavendale, Regional Wines Beer Ambassador
with the 'Measure & Guess' Vine Hopper

The ‘Measure & Guess’ Vine Hopper
As I don’t have any real expertise with beer-related products, I’ve asked Mitchell Tavendale, the Beer Ambassador at Regional Wines and Spirits, my former workplace, to offer his opinion on the ‘Vine Hopper’. This is technically a ‘fruit wine’. It is a blend of an IPA with Sauvignon Blanc, carrying 8.5% alc., and comes in 500 ml bottles. The RRP is $10.99. Mitchell notes "pale golden colour with a good head. Very good hoppy notes with some grassiness and passionfruit aromatics. The mid-palate has crispness and acidity, showing the fruitiness of the Sauvignon Blanc, and the finish has a good bitterness that is long and lingering. It’s actually pretty good.” Mitchell continues the tradition of beer expertise at Regional Wines & Spirits, started by founder, the late Grant Jones who began stocking craft beers long before almost anyone else in the country.


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