Saint Clair – Chardonnay Champion


Chardonnay was the first variety that Saint Clair consistently performed with at the gold medal level. The ‘Omaka Reseve' Chardonnays were especially well-received for their combination of power and richness. Then the ‘Wairau Reserve' Sauvignon Blanc took over as the newsworthy wine for the company. However, Saint Clair's top Chardonnays remain true to the award winning style, only now the different variants from ‘Vicar's Choice to the wide range of ‘Pioneer Block' Chardonnays show Saint Clair's ability in managing the different facets that the variety is capable of. The constant feature among them all is the very high quality, a reflection of the fruit that Saint Clair sources. I review two Saint Clair Chardonnays demonstrating the style divergence that Saint Clair handles so well. www.saintclair.co.nz

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