S-Series Sparklings from Villa Maria

George and Gail Fistonich and Villa Maria have been celebrating 50 years of winemaking this year. It's a wonderful milestone achieved by sheer, dogged determination, sound business principles, the goal of the highest quality and innovation. Part of innovation is the recognition of the emerging market trends as seen in the modern and younger wine drinker who seek a sense of fun with style. The S-Series Sparkling range has been launched by Villa Maria to make sparkling wines more approachable. Two styles are experiencing a bit of a rave and growth in a sparkling market that is decidedly constant, and the S-Series wines are intended to be part of the scene. A ‘Moscato' wine, with noticeable sweetness is based around the inviting grapey-fruit Muscat grape and carries a lower alcohol level, and a ‘Brut' that is akin to Prosecco, being drier with more conventional flavours in an easy and fresh expression. The packaging is sleek, slick and modern with black bottles and brushed gunmetal and subtle coloured label highlights. The bottles are sealed with crown-caps, rather than cork. Here are my reviews of the two new wines. www.sseries.co.nz

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