Rod McDonald 2016 ‘Mister’ Whites and 2015 Syrah

The ever resourceful Rod McDonald has introduced a new brand under his umbrella labelled ‘Mister’. The labelling showcases the ‘Rod McDonald’ overarching branding, and it employs the very popular imaging of the ‘One Off’ range. The Rod McDonald team felt that the ‘One Off’ imaging could be used for a range of wines that would have a broader accessibility than the limited production ‘One Off’ wines, which will continue as they are. It is worth noting that the detailing of the ‘One Off’ and now ‘Mister’ imaging is intricate and intriguing, as can be seen with the fruits, contents of the hat, what is skewered on the sword, the colour of the waistcoat, among other things.

The ‘Mister’ range came about out of a desire to craft a selection of "modern wines, fruit forward, drinkable [with] bright acidity” carrying genuine and consistent quality. The brand is aimed at the ‘$20.00 and just under ‘bracket, and the desire is to see some volume of sales. In the making of the ‘One Off’ wines, the figurine on the label came to be affectionately referred to as ‘Mister’, which led to questions such as "What would Mister Chardonnay be wearing?” and "What shall we put on Mister Pinot’s hat?” The ‘Mister’ range gives some more consistency to be recognised in the images used. And the ‘Mister’ range of wines is to be, as inferred above, medium-weight, soft, varietally expressive, as well as showcasing Hawke’s Bay. Here, I review the inaugural ‘Mister’ wines from Rod McDonald.


  • Rod McDonald ‘Mister’ Hawke’s Bay Rosé 2016
  • Rod McDonald ‘Mister’ Hawke’s Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Rod McDonald ‘Mister’ Hawke’s Bay Pinot Gris 2016
  • Rod McDonald ‘Mister’ Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2016
  • Rod McDonald ‘Mister’ Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2015

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