Richmond Plains – Working with Nature


The Richmond Plains label has undergone a change to better reflect its philosophy of ‘working with nature’. Previously with a black label featuring a single koru, the new label is white and very clean with a revised logo comprising seven koru in a circular spiral grouping and incorporated a finer font. Proprietor Lars Jensen has emphasised his natural approach which reflects the certified biodynamic and organic status of his vineyard. Biodiversity of flora and fauna has been encouraged, and Lars only uses natural sprays, avoids excess nitrogen and wants the vines to develop deep roots. Environmental awareness and recycling includes composting from the vineyard and stock and the use of lightweight bottles and packaging, and the work is all done following the rhythms of nature!

The label change includes the introduction of the ‘Blue Moon’ tier as the ‘Reserve’ styled Sauvignon Blanc. ‘Blue Moon’ refers to the astronomical rarity of two full moons in one month as well as the Blue Moon butterfly, which has an association with Richmond Plains’ sponsorship of the Monarch Butterfly N.Z. Trust. This Sauvignon Blanc wine as well as the Pinot Noir are New Zealand’s only certified Demeter biodynamic wines, these also being certified BioGro organic. Here are my reviews of two Richmond Plains wines under the new label. www.richmondplains.co.nz


  • Richmond Plains Nelson Blanc de Noir 2012
  • Richmond Plains ‘Blue Moon’ Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2012

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