Redmetal Vineyards – Merlot and Cabernet Franc Expression

Grant and Sue Edmond's ‘Redmetal Vineyards' label is set to make a comeback as an estate entity, following a period when it was linked with the vineyard resource and winemaking facilities of Sileni Estates, where Grant is the chief winemaker. Redmetal Vineyards wine will be based solely on the 7 ha of vines over the lane and separate from Sileni Estates, and the wine made on-site there from the 2012 vintage by dedicated winemaker Nigel Davies, who also tends the vines with the Edmonds family. The ‘Erinview' vineyard which has been a supplier was sourced for the last time in 2011, this vineyard being sold by its owners. Part of the ‘Bridge Pa Triangle' district, Redmetal Vineyards has around 5 ha devoted to Merlot, with 1 ha to Cabernet Franc and Syrah each. Merlot and Cabernet Franc are the varieties that are the foundation of the following wines reviewed here. www.redmetalvineyards.co.nz

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