Raymond Chan’s Legacy Lives On


Raymond Chan Wine Reviews provided a unique service by publishing independent, assessment-based, critical reviews in a style that is easily understood by the wine enthusiast, wine reseller and wine producer alike. I was one of them. Raymond's wine reviews with the consideration of vinification and winemaking helped me immensely as a sommelier, trainer and wine study. I often

use Raymond's tasting notes as par to compare to my notes; I'm pleased that most times, I would rate the wines similarly to Raymond did. That helped me immensely with confidence for my palate.

It was a massive loss to the wine industry that he's gone; he was loved by many. I thought to myself; I wish someone would pick up the website and keep writing the same way that Raymond did, thoughtful and fair.

I wish I had met Raymond. I admired his work and passion for wine; he influenced the way I appreciate wine. Always looking for the good, making it easy to understand for the consumer and be a good promotor for the wine industry.

In December 2019, I took a trip to Wellington; I happened to bring this up in a conversation with friends of Raymond. “Why don’t you do it?” they said. Then with some encouragement and an introduction to Sue Davies, things came together. 

Raymond’s legacy lives on, along with over 10,000 wine reviews Raymond accumulated, available to you, free to access. I hope you find my wine reviews are as useful and enjoyable.

- Candice Chow

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