Raymond Chan Wine Reviews Update


It has been six months since I have taken over the website and wine review services, relaunched the website in July. I'm so blessed it's been so well received, and the support by wineries, distributors and YOU the reader, reading and sharing it, I hope you found the wine reviews useful and enjoyable, give you the confidence to purchase the wines.

Each year Raymond Chan used to wrap the year up by a "Winery of The Year" award, recognizing the best producer who has submitted wines to Raymond Chan Wine Reviews for independent assessment over the year from the start of December the previous year to end of November in the current year. With only six months in⁠, I don't feel that it would be fair to call a "Winery of The Year" this year. ⁠

However, there is so much to celebrate, so many great wines produced in 2020 and still being made, despite the difficulties the producers faced during harvest when we were in lockdown. ⁠ So, I have picked my Top 6 tasted this year on the following categories:⁠

Top 6 Sauvignon Blanc ⁠

Top 6 Pinot Gris⁠

Top 6 Rose ⁠

Top 6 Pinot Noir (under $50)

Top 6 Pinot Noir (over $50)

Wines are selected from the wines submitted for review, based on the highest rating and value for money secondly.

Why Top 6? Because a wine box fits 6 bottles.

Stay tuned for the Top Wines announcement!


On another note, on top of the 20 point scale, I have added a conversion of 100 point scale in a bracket in the wine reviews as a reference to readers who are more used to the US 100 point scale. You can also find the detailed conversion here: https://raymondchanwinereviews.co.nz/faqs/how-wines-are-reviewed/

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