Pond Paddock Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015

The ‘Pond Paddock’ brand and Pinot Noir wine from Te Muna Road in Martinborough were revitalised in 2013 when the remaining 1.4 ha of vineyard and name originally established by Jeff Barber were purchased by Daniele Alemagne, who had a wine upbringing in Switzerland. Daniele has had Simone Amorese tend the vineyard and Paul Mason at Martinborough Vineyard make his wine, the first release being the 2014, which yielded 550 cases of very good wine (click here to see my review). The 2015 growing season saw a reduction in yield of 50% due to poor flowering and early season stress, the bunches and berries very small. However fruit concentration and tannin weight was excellent according to Paul Mason, and the wine is deemed better than the 2014. It should develop well in the bottle. Only 230 cases of the 2015 were made. Here is my review. www.pondpaddock.nz


  • Pond Paddock Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015

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