Pond Paddock Martinborough Pinot Noir 2014

For over a decade, Pond Paddock in Te Muna Road has produced classically flavoursome Martinborough wine. In 2008, a major portion of 4 ha of the vineyard was sold to the Levine family in California for their ‘Cobblestone’ brand. The remaining 1.4 ha of vineyard and ‘Pond Paddock’ brand were purchased by Daniele Alemagne in August 2013. Daniele who was born in Northern Italy was raised in winegrowing country in Switzerland, where he gained a love of and knowledge of wine. Coming to New Zealand in 2003 and working in real estate and running a 5-star accommodation business, he returned to his wine upbringing and obtained the 30 rows of Pinot Noir vines around the house on the former Barber property. Since then he has planted another 0.8 ha of Chardonnay in clones 95 and 548.

Daniele tends the vineyard with the assistance of Simone Amorese, a winemaker from Italy who lives on the property, and Paul Mason has been contracted to make the Pond Paddock wine. In 2014, the 4,000 vines yielded 6 tonnes of fruit to make approx. 550 cases of wine. The smaller 2015 harvest saw 2.5 tonnes harvested to make around 230 cases. Here, I review the first release of Daniele Alemagne’s Pond Paddock Pinot Noir. www.pondpaddock.nz


  • Pond Paddock Martinborough Pinot Noir 2014

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