Penfolds Icon Releases 2011

Every release of Penfolds ‘Icon' and ‘Luxury' wines is special, with simply stunning wines. The age differential of the wines ensures that in each release, there are some that are from outstanding years, others from not quite as highly regarded. The quality of all the wines is, of course, without reproach, as they are the best that Penfolds can do, but the important factor of vintage variation does appear. This year, we see wines from the exceptional 2006 vintage, drought affected, early harvest 2007, and 2008 which suffered a heatwave in the latter stages of picking. Because of Penfolds wide sourcing of fruit across different regions, the wines here show far less vintage influence than many other producers' releases.
Followers of Penfolds have seen a sure and steady change in the style of the wines to ensure they continue to capture the palates of the modern drinkers as well as satisfy the already converted. The newest ‘icon' and ‘Luxury' wines are discernably more refined, tighter, and pulled back on their decadent fruit expression and near outrageous oaking, making them better balanced and varietally clearer than ever. They are better for it. But thankfully, they are still very Penfolds in style, the house character standing tall. www.penfolds.com

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