Pencarrow Martinborough Chardonnay 2015

Do second labels follow the lead of the premium wines? I see the Palliser Estate wines from Allan Johnson becoming more elegant and refined, with more subtle expression of the inbuilt complexities. So are the second tier Pencarrow wines heading down a similar path? Or are the Pencarrow wines made to be more fruit focussed, up-front and accessible, to give accessibility and a point of difference to the top label? My impression is that the Pencarrow wines are indeed becoming finer, also evolving, but they keep a certain stylistic difference to the Palliser Estate wines. This is a positive separation that provides the consumer choice. Here is my review of the new release 2015 Pencarrow Chardonnay, demonstrating the continuing development of the Chardonnay style. Here, Allan showcases the contemporary reductive complexities in this wine, which are more subtly expressed in the Palliser bottlings.


  • Pencarrow Martinborough Chardonnay 2015

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