Pegasus Bay 2015 Bel Canto, 2014 Pinot Noir and 2016 Encore

When it comes to Riesling and Pinot Noir, the signature varieties for the Waipara Valley in North Canterbury, Pegasus Bay are leaders. The Donaldson family’s take is the expression of the region and also of style, rather than single-site terroir. As winemaker Mat Donaldson notes, single sites do show an individual character and terroir, but not all of them are worthy of capturing and expressing. I’m sure the Donaldson’s are very aware of the terroirs of their vineyards, but the Pegasus Bay wines are crafted to style, and the style is particularly connected with the tastes of the sophisticated consumer. Maybe some time in the future, Pegasus Bay will feature single vineyard bottlings? Here, I review the Pegasus Bay 2015 ‘Bel Canto’ Riesling, 2014 Pinot Noir, and 2016 ‘Encore’ Noble Riesling, all stylistically at the top of their game. www.pegasusbay.com


  • Pegasus Bay ‘Bel Canto’ Waipara Valley Dry Riesling 2015
  • Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Pinot Noir 2014
  • Pegasus Bay ‘Encore’ Waipara Valley Noble Riesling 2016

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