Pegasus Bay 2013 Virtuoso Chardonnay, 2014 Riesling and LH Pinot Gris

The Pegasus Bay wines styles have developed from the combined experience of the Donaldson family members, especially that of parents Ivan and Christine who established the vineyards in 1985. Their son Matthew, winemaking for Pegasus Bay since 1992 continues to guide the style evolution that has a unique combination of terroir expression, house style of generosity of flavour, and innovative complexities. All of the Pegasus Bay wines can be considered exemplary examples of the Waipara Valley district, and it is hard to go past the Pegasus Bay wines for sheer satisfaction and enjoyment. Here, I review the 2013 ‘Virtuoso’ Chardonnay, 2014 Riesling and Late Harvest Pinot Gris. The ‘Virtuoso’ Chardonnay is in Pegasus Bay’s ‘Reserve’ tier and is multi-dimensional in complexity. The Riesling and Pinot Gris, from what is generally regarded as a ‘challenging’ vintage demonstrate the varied and sophisticated incorporation of botrytis in the finished wines.


  • Pegasus Bay ‘Virtuoso’ Waipara Valley Chardonnay 2013
  • Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Riesling 2014
  • Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Late Harvest Pinot Gris 2014

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