Palliser Estate Methode Traditionnelle 2009

One of the most technically difficult wine styles to produce is method traditionnelle. The creation of the base wine is crucial to the balance and quality, and the winemaker must have a clear vision of how the wine will evolve in the bottle to grow into itself. Then there’s the matter of lees autolysis and timing of disgorgement and release to the market that sets the scene for the character of the wine and how it is perceived by the consumer. Along the way, the processes and actions are intricate and sophisticated. The investment in time and money required to make these wines can be prohibitive and only the most passionate and driven, as well as proficient winemakers embark on the journey in making these sparkling wines.

Palliser Estate in Martinborough and Allan Johnson make excellent method traditionnelle wines. The wines are acknowledged as being the best of its style in the district, and if their track record in wine shows is anything to go by, the wines can sit tall among the best in the country. Here, I review the 2009 vintage, which is the fifteenth release of a sparkling release for Palliser Estate.


  • Palliser Estate Martinborough Methode Traditionnelle 2009

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