Palliser Estate Methode Traditionnelle 2008

New Zealand's best sparkling wines more often than not come from large wine producing operations with a diverse range of fruit sources, the input of overseas (Champagne) expertise, expensive specialist equipment, and the ability to age wine and tie up investment without the demand for an immediate return. The Pernod-Ricard production of Deutz ‘Marlborough Cuvee', and Lion-Nathan with the Daniel Le Brun range are classic examples. Another successful approach is the specialist operations of those dedicated only to the style of sparkling wines, of which No. 1 Family Estate, run by the original Daniel Le Brun, whose family is from the Champagne region, and Morton Estate who has made the category a specialty and major component of their business.
Then there's the dedicated fanatic, who wants to make something that is extraordinarily difficult, extraordinarily well. These are wineries that are usually dedicated and focussed on other styles, but happen to make relatively small quantities of superior and very individualistic wine, such as Quartz Reef in Central Otago, Cloudy Bay, Nautilus, Hunters and Huia in Marlborough, and of course Palliser Estate in Martinborough. The Palliser Estate wine is without question the most consistent and best sparkling wine from the Wairarapa, and it stands alongside the best sparkling wines from any producer in New Zealand. The 2007 vintage is yet another one that has garnered a collection of top awards. That vintage has just sold out, and I review the new 2008. www.palliser.co.nz


  • Palliser Estate Martinborough Methode Tradirionnelle 2008

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