Palliser Estate Martinborough Pinot Gris 2017


Recently visiting the Palliser Estate cellar door in Martinborough, we wanted to order wine to accompany the meat and cheese platters designed by Jo Crabb of Careme. Our choices of Rosé, followed by Pinot Gris and Chardonnay were all unfulfilled, as all had sold out. However, we happily settled on the Riesling 2017 and Pinot Noir 2016, both of which I’ve rated as 5-stars. This is indicative of the positive situation at Palliser Estate. The quality of the wines has taken a further step up, as of late. Allan Johnson’s wines have always featured stylish elegance, and have been easy to overlook if one was looking for a statement wine. I now see the wines have greater richness and increased subtle complexities, and in the whites, fine textures. This quality has been noticed by others, as nowadays, the Palliser Estate wines appear to be turning over quickly. The Pinot Gris has been especially popular. Allan focusses on fruit clarity and purity, and tends to avoid too much lees influence or any oak inputs, unless required. It’s a successful formula. Here, I review the 2017 Palliser Estate Pinot Gris, due for imminent release. www.palliser.co.nz


  • Palliser Estate Martinborough Pinot Gris 2017

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