Palliser Estate 2017 Rosé and 2016 Chardonnay

The rosé style and Chardonnay variety have made comebacks into favour with the market in recent times. Rosé wines have experienced a boom where consumers have re-discovered the delights of a quality rosé and how the wines fit in with the modern lifestyle. Winegrowers and winemakers have responded to this increased interest by purposely making rosé wines, rather than having them as the by-product of red table wine making. At Palliser Estate, the style is relatively new, the first vintage being in 2014. Allan Johnson is a particularly thoughtful and meticulous winemaker, and it has not taken him long to make top class rosé wine. He aims for aromatics, finesse and balance. The 2016 Rosé was especially good, and I rated it at 5-stars (click here to see my review).

Chardonnay has also been evolving in New Zealand, from the bold and buttery, strongly oaked styles of the past to wines that are far more elegant, refined, ageworthy with detailed complexities, and excellent ability to work with food. Palliser Estate’s Chardonnay has always been in the modern and elegant style, but it too I believe has become more refined over time. The level of sophistication and complexity has also been increased, but not to the level where complex sulphide reduction, or the struck-match character dominates. Allan Johnson’s Chardonnay wines always showcase fruit first. Here, I review the new release 2017 Rosé and 2016 Chardonnay. www.palliser.co.nz


  • Palliser Estate Martinborough Rosé 2017
  • Palliser Estate Martinborough Chardonnay 2016

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