One Off ‘Summer White’ 2014

The common New World perception about blended or multi-varietal white wines, and reds for that matter, is that they are lesser wines, often the result of what’s left over after the premium wines have been made. The Old World view is often quite the opposite, the wines a positive decision to put together the best balanced wine with complementary attributes. Some serious multi varietal whites have made an appearance on the market in New Zealand over the years, but single varietal bottlings still remain supreme. The situation is changing slowly, this helped by the adventurous winemaking and marketing of the more progressive producers here. Rod McDonald’s One Off ‘Summer White’ flirts with the multi varietal style, made to enjoy over the warmer months. Rod wanted a "crisp dry white with a refreshing tang” this achieved through the use of four varieties. www.rmwines.co.nz


  • One Off ‘Summer White’ Hawke’s Bay 2014

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