NTN ‘Jubilee Reserve’ Pinotage 2007

The Nobilo name stands tall in the New Zealand wine industry as the pioneering family led by Nikola and Zuva brought 300 years of winemaking tradition from Croatia to New Zealand in 1936, planting their first vineyard in Huapai in 1943. Son Nick went on to grow the business from the 1960s, developing modern styles from new varieties that not only won him and his family numerous awards, but international recognition. In 2000, Nobilo Wines, the second largest public wine company in New Zealand, was sold to BRL Hardy, and is now part of the Constellation Brands global wine producer. That year, Nick Nobilo went back to his roots establishing Vinoptima to produce world-class Gewurztraminer from his 10 ha estate in the Ormond district of Gisborne. www.vinoptima.co.nz

To celebrate his 55 years of involvement in the New Zealand wine industry and 50 years of winemaking, Nick will be releasing the NTN ‘Jubilee Reserve’ Pinotage 2007 in March this year. ‘NTN’ stands for Nicholas Thomas Nobilo. The wine recalls the variety that Nick established in New Zealand 50 years ago. The Pinotage variety was and still is unique, but little seen in this country now, though it is regarded as the signature red of South Africa. Nick believes that outside South Africa, New Zealand is the only country to produce Pinotage wine successfully. This release is limited to 930 bottles and the one-off wine incorporates the techniques he developed in the 1970s and are fundamental to winemaking today in this wine. I review the wine here. It will be available exclusively from The Fine Wine Delivery Co. www.finewinedelivery.co.nz


  • NTN ‘Jubilee Reserve’ Gisborne Pinotage 2007

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