Ngatarawa ‘Stables Reserve’ and ‘Glazebrook’ Releases

The Corban family has a winemaking history in New Zealand that stretches back to 1902. Alwyn and Brian Corban are the most well-known scions of the Corbans dynasty and their Ngatarawa label which was established in 1981 when Alwyn founded the business with the Glazebrook family, represents the continuation of the family commitment to wine. Based in the Bridge Pa district, Ngatarawa is not only a champion of the district, but the entire Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand with its ranges of wine which offer affordability as well as high quality. The ‘Stables’ tier is one of the most popular and recognised brands with the broadest distribution. The ‘Stables Reserve’ wines ae a step up and are referred to by Ngatarawa as "Hawke’s Bay in a Bottle”, thus designed to show regionality. The ‘Glazebrook Regional Reserve’ wines showcase regional character from selected blocks and vineyards in various regions. The flagship ranges are the ‘Proprietors Reserve’ and ‘Alwyn’ bottlings. Here I review a selection of the latest releases under the ‘Stables Reserve’ and ‘Glazebrook Regional Reserve’ ranges.


  • Ngatarawa ‘Stables Reserve’ Hawke’s Bay Rosé 2016
  • Ngatarawa ‘Stables Reserve’ Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2016
  • Ngatarawa ‘Stables Reserve’ Hawke’s Bay Pinot Noir 2016
  • Ngatarawa ‘Stables Reserve’ Hawke’s Bay Merlot 2015
  • Ngatarawa ‘Glazebrook’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Ngatarawa ‘Glazebrook’ Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2016

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