Neudorf Nelson Chardonnay 2011


While the Neudorf Moutere Chardonnay retains its crown as one of the finest, most elegant and complex examples of the variety in this country, and with a track record that is second to none, to boot, it is the company's second tier that I'm extremely impressed with. The great strides in quality this label shows has seen it come close to rivalling its bigger sibling. While it doesn't have quite the power, dimension, built-in complexity and longevity, it is not shamed in any way. It may be a little more accessible and it is certainly a winner in terms of value. I've rated the previous two releases of this label 5-Stars in quality, and it was going to be interesting if this latest 2011 wine would continue the label's winning way.


  • Neudorf Nelson Chardonnay 2011

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